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Article 86
A r t i c l e 86
The powers of the National Council of the Slovak Republic shall be mainly to:
·                     a) make resolutions concerning the adoption of the Constitution, constitutional statutes and other laws, and to supervise their implementation;
·                     b) give consent to treaties of the union of the Slovak Republic with other states and to the termination of such treaties by means of constitutional statutes;
·                     c) propose the holding of a referendum;
·                     d) give consent, prior to ratification, on international political treaties, international economic agreements in general and any international agreements provided the execution thereof shall require legislation;
·                     e) establish governmental departments and other governmental bodies;
·                     f) debate on the governmental policy proclaimed in the Program of the Government of the Slovak Republic, monitor the activities of the Government, as well as debate on votes of confidence regarding the Government or an individual member of the Government;
·                     g) approve the national budget, supervise budgetary policy and approve the final national revenue balance;
·                     h) debate on basic issues relating to domestic, international, economic, social and other policies ;
·                     i) elect judges, the President and the Vice-President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, the President and the Vice-President of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic and the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Audit Office.
·                     j) declare war in the event of an act of aggression by parties hostile to the Slovak Republic or in the event that obligations under international joint defence treaties must be fulfilled, and
·                     k) give consent for a contingent of troops to be sent outside the Slovak Republic.