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Article 177

1. An initiative for amending the Constitution may be taken by not less than one-fifth of the members of the Assembly.

2. No amendment to the Constitution may take place when extraordinary measures are in effect.

3. A proposed amendment is approved by not less than two-thirds of all members of the Assembly.

4. The Assembly may decide, by two-thirds of all its members, that the proposed constitutional amendments be voted on in a referendum.  The proposed constitutional amendment becomes effective after ratification by referendum, which takes place not later than 60 days after its approval by the Assembly.

5. An approved constitutional amendment is submitted to referendum when one-fifth of the members of the Assembly request it.

6. The President of the Republic cannot return for re-consideration a constitutional amendment approved by the Assembly.

7. An amendment approved by referendum is promulgated by the President of the Republic and becomes effective on the date provided for in it.

8. An amendment of the Constitution cannot be made unless a year has passed since the rejection by the Assembly of a proposed amendment on the same issue or three years have passed from its rejection by referendum.