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Article 68

The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

- adopts and changes the Constitution;

- adopts laws and gives the authentic interpretation of laws;

- determines public taxes and fees;

- adopts the budget and the balance of payments of the Republic;

- adopts the spatial plan of the Republic;

- ratifies international agreements;

- decides on war and peace;

- makes decisions concerning any changes in the borders of the Republic;

- makes decisions on association in and disassociation from any form of union or community with other states;

- issues notice of a referendum;

- makes decisions concerning the reserves of the Republic;

- sets up councils;

- elects the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;

- elects judges to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia;

- carries out elections and discharges judges;

- selects, appoints and dismisses other holders of public and other office determined by the Constitution and law;

- carries out political monitoring and supervision of the Government and other holders od public office responsible to the Assembly;

- proclaims amnesties; and

- performs other activities determined by the Constitution.


In carrying out the duties within its sphere of competence, the Assembly adopts decisions, declarations, resolutions, recommendations and conclusions.